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Winter stadium

The winter stadium is situated in the BOSPOR sports complex in Bohumin behind a park on Janackova street. The WS history dates back to '70s of the last century, where it served as an open ice-rink with the dimension of 60 x 30 m. The roof of the ice-rink was completed in 2000. This led to more intensive exploitation of the stadium, extension of winter season and higher efficiency of its service.

In summer time the hall is used for summer sports such as badminton, tennis, table tennis, netball, floorball and in-line skating. Its further improvement was completed in 2006 when a new extension with changing rooms, sanitary facilities and a sports bar overlooking the ice surface was built.


Teplota je měřena v centru Bohumína

Outside temp. 20 °C

30. september pátek